Eu4 how to get pu to integrate vassals

Eu4 how to get pu to integrate vassals
26/06/2017 · Hey guys, welcome to a video guide about Personal Unions in EU4! In this video we will cover the basics of Personal Unions including the following subpoints: -Requirements for a PU …
Although its really handy, its not end of the world if you don’t get the PU right now (you can get PU with another event after 1500). If you do see a von Habsburg at the throne, you need to immediately pause the game and click on claim throne. Build your force limit to 25 with mercs, raise army and fort maintenance.
18/04/2019 · In this video we will be checking out the most powerful subject nations and vassal states to obtain in europa universalis 4. These subjects are incredibly us…
At what points do vassals become too big? Ask Question Asked 5 years, 7 months ago. Active 5 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 13k times 7. I am playing as Venice, and I have Serbia and the Byzantines as my vassals. I am in the process of annexing Serbia, but it is a slow process. At the same time, I want to wage war on the Ottomans, and make them return provinces to Byzantines. However, I am a bit
It is nearly impossible. I had this game with Spain… I was overlord of: * All the Colonies in the world. * PU over Portugal and Norway * England, Morocco and Saxe-Launberg as Vassals. Had conquered most of Western Europe.. And was universally hate…

You’ve probably released vassals before, but just in case you haven’t, here’s where to do it: Once you release a vassal, you have to wait at least 10 years to integrate them. You’ll also want to give yourself a few years to integrate your vassal. I’d recommend giving yourself 20 years just to be safe. The game ends on January 1st 1821. I tested
They will automatically join their Overlord’s wars, aggressive and defensive, and they have no autonomy when it comes to foreign policy or diplomatic relations. A vassal also runs the risk of a full diplomatic integration by their Overlord. However, I don’t find how to do a full diplomatic integration of a vassal?
Furthermore, when you vassalize a nation that has vassals/protectorates of its own, you automatically gain them as your vassals/protectorates. It’s like a buy one get two/three deal. Except integration “10 years later” takes decades (probably more time then it would take to wage war… I’m how often due to the truce timer) if not centuries and
09/10/2017 · feed them to critical mass (loyalty and integration before 1821) and integrate them. keep the vassals as puppets. use them to blob but not getting AE and keeping vassal status (gets generally integrated eventually) declare the vassal as a march, so you get no tax income from them, but more manpower they get more power and you can’t integrate them etc.
You CAN’T start annexing while you are at war, but once it has started, war seems not to be a problem. I don’t know if you have to maintain a 190+ relation while annexing, but once you have annexed a vassal, anny other vassals you have get a -10 (I think) oppinion of you. I don’t know if you need to wait another 10 years for the next annexation
So you’ve decided to play Poland? Congratulations! As of patch 1.27, Poland is one of the strongest nations in the game. You have multiple fronts to expand into, you have a good amount of development, and you will have a free PU that you don’t nee…
I managed to get Ming with 600+ Development and over 100k troops + 100 income with 0 liberty desire lol You can also get the trust up which gives another -2% for each 5 trust – means another -20%. Hard (or nearly impossible) to get bigger vassals without this DLC. …
16/01/2017 · Integrating large vassals / personal unions I’m playing as Prydain imported across from my CK2 playthrough where I started out as a Welsh petty King. I managed to inherit all of the British Isles, won most of Iberia in a Crusade, and inherited a big chunk of South Germany.
This can range from trying to kill you off, to trying to reduce your authority, right up to trying to take your throne off you. Keep a good spymaster on hand so you don’t get surprised by these; most vassals will break off the plot if asked nicely, and you get a favourable chance at throwing them in jail if they won’t acquiesce to your demands

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15/09/2016 · I didn’t even get any massive coalition for it – just Commonwealth and assorted Indians, the rest of Europe doesn’t really care at this point. #eu4 With Portugal, Castile, and Tlemcen being my vassals, that’s very good level of control over Mediterranean. I’d like to get …
29/01/2018 · However, you won’t get any money (unless you siphon income which costs LD), can’t divert trade and if you are planning to integrate, you have to wait 50 years instead of the usual 10. After all there is probably rarely the case where you can actually choose whether to vassalize or get a PU over a country so just take what you can get.
09/05/2017 · Up next EU4 Expert Vassal HOW TO GET INFINITE MONEY IN EU4 IRONMAN – Duration: 6:46. MrFlorryworry 91,371 views. 6:46 . EU4 World Conquest Idea Groups Guide Case Study – …
1. The Ottomans- they have a amazing culture group and access to a quick -20% CCR. Can trade company Africa and Asia for ridiculous money 2. France- while they have no CCR their ideas a godly. +2 heretic and heathen tolerance coupled with humanist…
In a couple of different playthroughs I had a situation where vassal annexation stopped. In the first case it was a single province territory (I played by France, had 100 provinces or so and wanted to vassalize I believe Frankfurt) – I could start vassalization (I had relationships higher than 190), but was not able to have more than 0% progress.
Yeah — just noticed from the country screen that the requirements for maintaining the PU were positive relationship + positive or higher prestige (I think, just going off memory). So I finally integrated France — yes you get all his vassals. Not sure about vassals but pretty sure the dynamic is the same.
Algiers as a march from 1516 to 1821. Tunis as a march from 1593 to 1704. Any eligible country can get Habsan as a march through the Siddi State of Habsan event. Ottomans can get Crimea as a march through the Fate of the Crimean Khanate event. The Mongol_Empire, Yuan, or Golden_Horde can release Ilkhanate as a march if they conquer Persia.
A 5 steps path to expansion: Vassalization & Integration, is a guide that will help you to expand your nation easily. The strategy can be summarized in 5 steps: 1) Find a small country 2) Get a Casus Belli 3) Win a war against them 4) Vassalize them 5) Integrate them
29/03/2019 · How to Get Better at Europa Universalis IV. While Europa Universalis IV is a fun game once you learn to play it, it can be very difficult due to the huge number of mechanics and the steep difficulty curve between online multiplayer and…

Quite possibly, outdated. A GOOD strategy?! As in, any strategy at all?! And for England?! Hah! Now that’s a good joke you’ve made there, mate. Very funny. Uh? Wait. You’re actually serious. Alright then. You see, on this new patch, England become…
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My general plan is to integrate most vassals/pu’s with a few exceptions. But the biggest things that makes me decide to integrate early game is diplo slots, having enough points to integrate without falling behind in tech and getting corruption, and liberty desire.

Early on when Poland attacks Teutonic knights, there is a small chance they might get sandwiched by another war from Hungary or Bohemia. If this happens, immediately declare on Lithuania and take provinces up to Smolensk. After this, it should be easy enough to beat them up in subsequent wars.
Tidy up Europe Get Zeeland and Wien. They are likely in the HRE and you will have to fight Austria. Blitzkrieg them and get the provinces you need. Get any Balkan provinces that are left DIPLOMACY Don’t let your subjects have too much land. Keep integrating them and keep making new vassals or client states for faster conquests. You need 190
Is it better to integrate a giant vassal or leave it be? Close. 1. Posted by. u/tangeroo2. 5 years ago. Archived . Is it better to integrate a giant vassal or leave it be? Let’s say you have a vassal with the base tax of Bavaria. Is it better to integrate it? Or are there benefits to having a rich, permanent ally who gives you money? Also, how much does the situation change if your vassal is a
01/02/2017 · Haha, back to gaming. Though I still couldn’t form Germany, but all that Commonwealth.
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Why is the process of annexing vassals interrupted sometimes?

After integrating couple of vassals, all your vassals will be loyal and that concluded Phase I; Reminder that you get -3 diplo rep and -30 opinion modifier with vassals when you integrate a vassal. When integrating more than one vassal, diplo rep modifier doesn’t stack up, but opinion modifier does. Diplomacy. Allies – No allies in Phase I
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10/01/2019 · The problem of AoE II (and EU4/Vic2) are when you are a good economist an gain so much money that you do not even know how to spend it and often spend it so that you then get higher. I have never gone bankrupt on EU4 (here at most in emergencies I brought 50% taxes and 0 growth, research and investment! I lost growth and various things for
Leaving aside the question why you would want to do this (after all, larger subjects get higher liberty desire and only give you pretty limited benefits compared to owning the provinces outright) there is no other way to hand over provinces. You can only give provinces to vassals more directly if the province is a core of theirs. In that case
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